We strive to establish and maintain through signatory employers desirable working conditions and thus provide for our members and their families that measure of comfort, happiness, and security to which every person is entitled in return for his or her labour from a deep sense of pride in our trade through a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay

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It’s been 7 years since I joined Local 473. The coworkers, union representatives, and the sheet metal contractors have always made me feel that professionalism is set at the highest standard. The foremen and sub foremen have also always made it known that safety is the most important part of the job.

I’ve been able to work on new expansions at hospitals, culinary buildings for Fanshawe, and large stainless steel jobs for projects and sites all over North America. The union has allowed me to make a solid wage and has also given me the opportunity to work on projects that I’m actually proud to work on. I highly recommend making the switch and joining Local 473.

Krystian Run
Local 473 Member

I’ve been a sheet metal worker for over 30 years, but I only joined the union 12 years ago. I can tell you that being in the union has been so much better than non-union. The wage definitely makes it easier to provide for my family. The medical and dental coverage is much appreciated as well as the decent pension for my retirement. I like the variety of work, and I appreciate working with other skilled tradesmen.  The friendships have been great. I should have joined the union sooner.

Ray MacMillan
Local 473 Member

I recently moved to London, Ontario and became interested in becoming a member of the Sheet Metal Workers union.  I decided to visit the Local 473 head office to see how I could join.  Patrick Gordon met me there and answered all the questions that I had, and he gave me his information in case I thought of any more after my visit.  When a position became available in the union, Patrick patiently helped me through the process of joining.  I am very happy that I joined the union, and I have met a lot of good people here.  I am very satisfied with my experience.

Chase Bridge
Local 473 Member

I have worked for non-union sheet metal companies in the past, and I have seen how workers can be taken advantage of. Since joining Local 473, I feel confident knowing that I have the union advantage behind me.

Patrick Gordon
Local 473 Organizer


Will My employer know I contacted you?

NO. All correspondence is kept strictly confidential.

Your privacy is protected by law.

Will my employer find out if I sign a union membership card?

NO. Only the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) will view the cards.

The cards are required by the OLRB as proof of interest in joining the Union.
The benefits of membership are granted by the OLRB when they are able to confirm that the wishes of the majority of the employees supports becoming SMWIA members.

If I join the Union, will I have to leave the Company?

NO. You can stay with the company. Things that will change for the better include wages, benefits, and pension.

You’ll also be entitled to union representation on issues- if you choose.

Are you already working?

As a sheet metal worker or apprentice, an experienced roofer, an experienced sheeter/decker. Please be aware that:

  • “Every person is free to join a trade union of the person’s own choice and to participate in its lawful activities.” – section 5 of the labour relations act.
  • It is against the law for an employer to dismiss or threaten to dismiss a worker because he or she is in a union or wishes to join a union
  • The best way to become a member is to organize your current employer with our union to insure a fair and equitable collective bargaining agreement with them. Please contact one of our organizers below to set up a confidential appointment to discuss this option.

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