Dear Members,

It has been my pleasure to serve Local 473 as your Business Manager and I thank you for your continued support as I enter my second term as Business Manager! We have all done fantastic things in our Local, and we will continue to do more throughout 2018 and beyond. Our membership has grown, and our future looks promising.

Moving forward, one of the next challenges will be the contract negotiations! I will be dedicating the October 18th meeting to our wish list for discussion. In December, we recognized the minimum wage increase and adjusted our first-year apprentices’ wage accordingly.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind members to keep their security clearance up-to-date. Also, our website is a highway of information, so please continue to browse periodically, and feel free to offer suggestions on what you would like to see. Our communications program is being well received. The use of call drops are keeping costs to a minimum.

We continue to make local donations at our regular meetings. A thank you to the members of Local 473 for making this city what it is today, and for the opportunity to facilitate its growth and development.

Thank you, again, for being active members of SMWIA Local 473! Participation is how you achieve results.

I look forward to seeing you all online and at our monthly membership meetings!

In Solidarity,
Mark Hall
Business Manager/Financial Secretary Treasurer
Cell 519-274-1318
Bus 519-439-7731