In the upcoming months, the Workers at Besterd Mechanical need to stand together and make the switch to Local 473! here I will answer questions and tell you how to join today!


Will My employer know I contacted you?

NO. All correspondence is kept strictly confidential.

Your privacy is protected by law.


Will my employer find out if I sign a union membership card?

NO. Only the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) will view the cards.
The cards are required by the OLRB as proof of intersest in joining the Union.
The benefits of membership are granted by the OLRB when they are able to confirm that the wishes of the majority of the employees supports becoming SMWIA members.


If I join the Union, will I have to leave Besterd.

NO. you can stay with the company. Things that will change for the better include wages, benefits and pension.
You’ll also be entitled to union representation on issues- if you choose.



If you have any further questions or would like to discuss joining please reach out to PATRICK GORDON 519-494-2700