The Constitution & Ritual of the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association provides that each Local Union has the right to establish rules and regulations by which the membership of that Local Union can govern itself, so long as those rules and regulations do not conflict with the constitution. Each Officer and Representative must be nominated and elected by the Membership of the Local Union to serve three (3) year terms with the exception of appointments to fill unexpired terms of less than one (1) year or for the employment of Local Union organizers for periods not to exceed one (1) year duration as needed.


Representatives 2016-2019

  • President: Brother Todd Lyon
    • Duties: To preside over and conduct meetings of the Local Union and the Executive Board. The President has the authority to appoint members to special committees which serve at the pleasure of the Local Union.
  • Vice-President: Brother Albert Morgado
  • Recording Secretary: Brother Patrick Gordon
    • Duties: Handles all correspondence for the Local Union and is responsible for the keeping of official minutes of all Local Union and Executive Board meetings.
  • Organizer: Brother Patrick Gordon
    • Duties: Assist workers in gaining union representation at their work site. Union organizers educate people (mostly non-union workers) about their rights, identifies and develops leadership skills among workers, explains the union organizing process and runs a campaign for union recognition.


  • Trustees: Brother Brad Brown, Brother Nik Wilken, Brother Travis Dunnigan, Brother Brandon Kaufmann
    • Duties: The trustees are the “watch dogs” of the financial affairs for the Local Union. They are responsible for recommendations to the Membership for payment of all debts incurred by the Local Union and for reporting the financial status of the Local Union to the Membership.
  • Warden: Brother John Crowston
    • Duties: Acts as “Sergeant at Arms” at the Local Union meetings and assists the President or Business Manager as directed.
  • Conductor: Brother Justin Hornblower
    • Duties: Examines dues receipts at local meetings and assists the President or Business Manager as directed.


Local 473 Business Manager: Brother Mark Hall <>

Duties: Conducts the day-to-day business affairs of the Local Union. He has the responsibility of hiring competent personnel necessary for the operation of the Union, the negotiation and enforcement of all local agreements, and supervision of the Business Representatives and Organizers in their day-to-day activities. He has the final responsibility for the well being of all local members with respect to their wages, fringes, and working conditions, and is the first line of communication to the International Association.


Local 473 Financial Secretary-Treasurer: Brother Mark Hall

Duties: The Financial Secretary-Treasurer of the Local Union has the responsibility of overseeing the financial status of the Union.


Duties: The Steward is the “Voice of the Union.” He is the conduit for all communications between the members and the employer. He has the responsibility for assuring that each member is afforded equal treatment under the contract and is generally involved in the processing of all grievances. The Steward is appointed by the Business Manager or Business Representative. With the exception of the Stewards, all positions noted are filled through elections which are conducted every three (3) years. The membership elects who will represent them by nominating and supporting candidates of their own choosing.