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Working at Heights

Dear Members,

Feb 27/17: Working at Heights classroom training has been changed to Fri March 24/17. Also note all emails have been sent by YOW.

Thank you.



Dear Members,

The Spreadsheets for “Working at Heights” for Friday, February 10, Monday, February 13 and Friday, March 10 2017 is full and has been submitted. The YOW will send out the emails for you to get your online portion completed before your classroom date at Lordon’s lunchroom.

Please contact the office at (519) 439-7731 if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you



“Working at Heights” is mandatory on May 1, 2017, meaning no member will be allowed to be dispatched without “Working at Heights” training. Therefore, 4 training sessions have been scheduled in the month of February to March 2017.

Please contact the office to register at (519) 439-7731 and confirm course details.

On behalf of your Business Manager Mark Hall and the Executive Team, we encourage you to participate!



Attention Members

All apprentices and certified trades professionals in Ontario are about to see their training and qualifications become meaningless due to the Wynne Liberal government’s fast tracking of dangerous legislation hidden in a budget bill – Bill 70

The proposed amendments in Schedule 17 will allow unskilled workers to do the work of compulsory trades. They will not be required to have a Certificate of Qualification – something you worked hard to obtain.

Come join us Wednesday at 9:30 AM on the lawn of Queen’s Park to let your voice be heard. We won’t stand by and let the government help their corporate friends user cheaper unskilled labour at our expense. Contact your union or employer for more details.



New T-shirts!

We have new T-shirts on sale for $13.00. The maximum will be 2 per member! Long sleeve shirts are still in stock!









Annual Golf Tournament a Success!



After another successful golf tournament, SMW Local 473 is happy to announce that we’ve already rebooked another golf tournament for the same weekend of next year! Please join us on Saturday June 17, 2017 at Llyndenshire Golf Course.

Thank you again to our members and their families for another great year. It wouldn’t have happened without you all!



In Memorium, Bob Brown

April 05, 2016

Bob Brown1Mr. Bob Brown passed away at home on, Tuesday, April 5, 2016 of Zurich, Ontario at the age 68. Bob retired four years ago as the Canadian Director of the Sheet Metal Workers’ & Roofers International Association and we are pleased to add he was a former Business Manager of Local 473. He recently received his 50 year pin.

His passion was always that the young people serving an apprenticeship in the trade be treated with respect and receive a fair wage as they progressed through their time. Bob met each day as a challenge to accomplish something, big or small! “God Bless the Working Man”.
Bob Brown2

Bob Brown3

Bob Brown4



In Memorium, Robert Brown

April 05, 2016

SMW 473 extends their sincerest condolences to the family of Robert Brown, who passed away on April 5, 2016. Bob was a former business manager for the local and director of Canadian Affairs for SMWIA nationally.

Click here for Funeral Details.



Local 473 Branded Touques!

February 11, 2016

Attention Members,

SMW 473 just received a shipment of Canadian Made embroidered Local 473 touques! They’re $5.00 each and there is a limit of 2 per member.

Come get them before they’re gone!



October 9, 2015

Dear Members,

As many of you already know, the federal election on October 19, 2015 is a big one.

As members of Local 473, we can be greatly impacted by the outcome of the election. It is important that our members, families and friends are informed about what each political party stands for, and on October 19, we must get out to vote! Please take some time to browse the following websites.

Coalition of Canadian Building Trade Construction Unions | Let’s Build Canada

This election there is a #BetterChoice for the economy and the future

Elections Canada – Home Page for the October 19, 2015, Federal Election

Vote Together

Strategic Voting 2015 Canadian Federal Election | don’t make a statement, make a difference

We are currently looking for volunteers to join the Political Action Committee and/or the Political Action Team. The committee will meet to discuss various plans of action to help mobilize our members. The team will be called upon to help out with various tasks such as: handing out flyers, set up and removal of campaign signs, etc. Previous political experience and knowledge is not required; however, it is welcomed. To get involved, please contact the union hall.

Let’s help make this vote count.